Sunday, April 20, 2014

Monthly Assignments - Due May 19th

I want to use my studies efficiently and be more specific on which areas i want to improve. Therefore i created these four assignments to be completed within one month and posted here. These will keep me focused on the areas i think i need to improve first. They do not fill a month, so i have plenty of time to do other stuff, e.g. landscape paintings if the weather allows it. 

Assignment 1 - Drawing  "If you can't draw, you can't paint"
Do 100 small pencil sketches of famous people. Time limit 15 mins. Only drawings count where the person is recognizable.

A2 - Color harmony and simplification
Do 20 small color studies outside. These should have no more than 10 shapes that are clearly distinct from each other. No work on edges. They should take no more than 30 mins each.

A3 - Color observation and brushwork 
Do 10 small still lifes or block studies. Focus on painting dark areas thin, and light areas with thick paint.

A4 - Composition, work process
Do 3 paintings 40 cm x 30 or larger. Derive those from direct life observation outside. Make small value and color studies on location and take photos of the scene. Start the painting on location and finalize home.

Here the first 5 sketches of A1. As you can see i definitely need to catch up with my drawing. So clumsy. I should also note that i had about the same number of approaches (not shown) that resulted in failure. I mean complete failure!

Ahem, sorry Cameron!
You are welcome, Angela ;-)