Sunday, November 9, 2014

Good News and a Bummer

With this painting from October 10th I have been taken part at the Monthly Contest of Daily Paintworks (DPW) and it was picked amongst the top 15! 
I feel honoured, especially after looking at many of the other 94 entries:  
DPW October Contest Results

Big Thank You to the Jury and the Marine Family for running DPW so well!

No dad, I won no money and still can't buy you a Porsche. But i did win a month of being featured artist at DPW. For one month the new paintings I put up for sale will appear far on top of the DPW website (DPW gets some 30000 visits from 11000 visitors per day on average). 

Here is the bummer: On this Sunday morning I wanted to shock the US by placing my yesterday's nude night crawler right next to a beauty- and peaceful still life of Carol Marine. 
Now guess what! She has not put up a painting today. Guess I am simply unlucky...