Friday, January 16, 2015

Figure Session Mannheim Jan 14

5 min poses:

15 min poses:

The light conditions were the warmest I have painted yet. There was a radiant heater throwing orange onto the model, and a red wall throwing alizerin crimson kind of light. The session is layed out for monochrome drawing and I am the only one painting with oils.
I am happy with that upper study on the left as it captures the colors I saw pretty well. Looking at my current level of skill, and the 5 min... A lucky shot! I also had a couple of complete failures, that I scratched off immediately. Bad drawing keeps falling on my feet.

Usually i paint on 9 mm thick wood panels (birch) treated with priming white. For the figure studies I use 3 mm thick A4 panels from the home improvement store. I tried different ones. The J├╝rgens brand (Toom Baumarkt) are the best in terms of planarity and stiffness.

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