Thursday, January 29, 2015

Stolen Snow - The Study

Today I wanted to work on my color imagination, i.e. changing the colors towards a more attractive outcome. 


Artrage Study

It's not easy to turn on the lights and I needed some 90 min of try and error to get this. I was quite happy with it, except for the green of the tree. I didn't bother because I was confident to improve that in the painting. Little did I know! After some three hours of painting I gave it up. I was far away from the colors I wanted to paint. No idea why. Before I scrachted it off i took a photo... Think I will give it another shot, not today. figure session is calling.


Charlotte said...

You warmed the colors in your painting, incorporating a lot of pink, which does make the scene more appealing. Keep that in mind when looking for the right green for your tree. The pink cast will influence that, too.

Thomas Ruckstuhl said...

Right Charlotte, think i mentioned the problem with the green in the text. In my oil approach much went wrong and i didn't even get to the colors of the tree.