Friday, February 6, 2015

The 250 Interview

20 cm x 15 cm, Oil, Blockstudy 250

Newsie: 250, congratulations!

Painter: Thanks

Newsie: After so many studies your paintings still do not sell and some critics state your painting is nowhere, to put it kindly. For how long will you stick to your coach?

Painter: You are rising a valid point there. Nobody is happy with the current situation, of course. At the recent meeting of the board of directors voices became prevalent saying the need for good color in painting is overrated and that adequate choice of subject is much more important with regards to economic success. The leadership has agreed to not watch this any longer but decided to take hard and immediate measures. It has informed the coach that the collaboration will end by the next meeting of the board already, if the situation is not found to be dramatically better.

Newsie: When is this meeting scheduled?

Painter: Right after blockstudy fivehundret.

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