Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The 80 Conference

30 cm x 20 cm, 1 liter acrylic paint on the left half of the canvas, 0.02 microliter finest oil paint on the right half.

I read that the 80 richest people own as much as the poorer half of the world population.
Averaged, an individual of the 80 owns about 45 million times more than an individual of the poorer 3.6 billion.
At first glance, one may find this unfair. After thinking about it, i find a ratio of 1 to 45 million not really dramatic anymore. Impressive I find the ratio between the volumes of Lake Michigan and the sun, for instance. The volume of the sun is about 3e14 (300'000'000'000'000) times larger. That is a lot and a demonstration of the proportion would be on the scale of artworks by Christo and Jeanne-Claude!
Compared to that, the unequality of wealth is almost negligible and one can show this proportion with paint on a small canvas. The amount of black paint (1 liter) on the left half of the canvas represents the 3.6 billion people, a proportionally smaller amount (0.022 microliter, the volume of a cube with a size just below 0.3 mm) applied on the right represents the 80. Small but still easily recognizable by eye. Okay, what comes to my aid here is that the 80 are all on one spot. Why actually? They must be having a meeting or something...

The 80 Conference

▪️Protection of the wealth of the 80 with consideration of humanitarean aspects
▪️Strategies to promote the drive to populate planet Mars
▪️Funding of schoolbooks with dish washer stories in all languages
▪️Funding of a technology making sullage drinkable
▪️Privatization of the sea

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