Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Who let the Blocks out?

20 cm x 15 cm, Oil, Blockstudy 249

There was this song on the radio when i did this one. 
Didn't get the text really so i changed it a bit...

--- Who let the blocks out? Who? Who? Who?

That's me, man, to work on my color.
The old honcho told me do
Cause it's the funk stuff to really improve.
And where's the point to paint without color?

Good color is rare, more precious than gold.
The reason my shit is not being sold.
Stop dicing you fool, about time for a change
No apples or cups will do us the same
Flowers or fruits sweet as a girl.
Stay in your garden watching them grow?
Go round the blocks and be up for a test.
Show them your colors to see who's the best.
It took 20 years for them to be cool.
Ask them on blocks now, how many or few?
Think there's no way to get there much faster?
So keep doing the stuff that you never will master.
Pureness of color is what we are about. 
Forget what the rest thinks, throwing the mud.
They don't see the beauty, simple and clean.
Cool man you got it and know what i mean.

Now get the blocks out! You! You! You!


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