Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Parkinsel View

30 cm x 40 cm, Oil, Pleinair

No serious clouds today. So i decided to shoot myself in the back, by misjudging sun movement (she does move!). When i started the bridge was the brightest feature of the scene and i decided to make it pop out more using a rather low key for the painting (darker painting overall). Fairly soon my side of the bridge fell out of sun and i had to start over again. At that point i wouldn't have believed that this could be one of my best paintings, which per definition is a sold one ;-)


Gayle said...

Can't remember if I've commented before. But I so very much appreciate your updates and paintings - The accompanying descriptions add a nice personal touch and understanding of your process. Art, especially plein air fresh on the canvas certainly bridges the gap of continents - I don't like the hassle of travelling at my age, but when I see these paintings, I feel like I'm actually there on location enjoying the same view. Thanks!

Thomas Ruckstuhl said...

Thanks a lot Gayle for your great feedback! Painting outside can be quite exhausting and also dissapointing sometimes. Back home i have often been too lazy to drop a few words about the painting or the experiences I made. I think you're right.... I will try add a description more often.