Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lucky moment

Maybe you can imagine that for a startup painter it is quite hard to start up on the selling part of the game... Today is a great day for me on that part, a day i won't forget... Lucky enough a gallerist invited me to bring a view pieces to choose from... 
I went there yesterday, bringing 18 pieces with me... to my surprise he took them all. Today he wrote me that 5 are sold. Hey everyone, keep in mind that lucky moments are rare and need to be celebrated accordingly! :-)

Galerie Lauth
Mundenheimer Stasse 252
67061 Ludwigshafen


Howie Green said...

It's not luck, you are extremely talented and the gallery was smart enough to recognize that. Well deserved. I read your blog and look forward to seeing your work every day. Congratulations

Thomas Ruckstuhl said...

Thanks a lot Howie! I will try to give my best to keep your interest alive :-)