Saturday, April 9, 2016

Head Shape Study

Posted this on facebook yesterday....always a great place to meet friends and have a good conversation:

"I am going to have to unfriend you Thomas if you continue to send me your low quality portraits of dead stars i do not want to look out. They disgust me"

Thanks for your honesty! For this portrait course i am supposed to paint over 30 heads in this simplified way. Probably only few true friends will be left afterwards. Fine, let's do it!


Caladh said...

I'm not on facebook much but I follow your blog. I love your art and I'm sticking around. :-)

Gayle said...

And I'm with you as well! Perhaps only those who have embraced wholeheartedly the creative journey can truly empathize with another artist and appreciate the effort and work it takes to tackle portraiture and the value of all the exercises such as those that you are doing. You're doing a fine job and I'm learning a lot from seeing your work.

Thomas Ruckstuhl said...

Thanks Caladh and Gayle for the encouraging comments!
I wasn't pissed reading the facebook comment, rather amused.
It was not a very constructive comment but honest, direct, unusual and funny - fine with that.
Glad to see you guys around!

Antonio R said...

Hi Thomas, I really appreciate your painting too!! Not this in particular :P, but absolutely love your colours and shapes, and the tenacity of all your works. I've appreciated aksi the irony of the titles and notes you put. I would appreciate even more if you upload more on the techniques you use. Keep on with thisgroove!!

Thomas Ruckstuhl said...

Hi Antonio and thanks a lot! So in conclusion you don't like this one and ask for more infos about techniques I am using? ;-P
Ok, i will try! :-)