Monday, April 25, 2016

Home improvement store

Quick study using various materials (rollers, sponges, rubbers...) from the home improvement store, no brushes.


Gayle said...

Exquisite vibrant effects in all your latest paintings! I'm also having fun exploring the hardware store aisles for prospective painting tools, and I think the old Masters would have done that too had these implements been available. I guess we can thank the plastic, rubber and silicon industries for such diverse products. Even some kitchenware items are fair game when it comes to moving paint around or lifting out sections. But I also love my brushes, my latest favorite being the CATALYST POLYTIP EGBERT BRUSH 6400EG. This elegant looking fella is of ancient descent so I can't blame him for looking condescendingly upon the spatulas, sponge tipped cheapies, squeegees and other paraphernalia. So I keep Mr. Egbert in a most elegant vase, just to make him feel good! LOL

Thomas Ruckstuhl said...

Thanks Gayle! So you are still believe in brushes, alright. ;-) never clean Egbert to keep him happy, just leave him in sunflower oil and he will stay with you almost forever.... Oh oh i pity you ;)