Saturday, May 7, 2016

Painting Day with Richard Schmid in Speyer!

"Never leave anything on your canvas that does not look good"
Richard Schmid in Alla Prima Painting

30 cm x 50 cm, Oil, 3 hours

25 cm x 30 cm, Oil, 2 hours

Possibly not exactly what Schmid meant ;) He speaks of little errors that occur and the temptation to fix them at a later stage, after the more important stuff is painted. However, these errors will influence all later work to the worse and there is nothing more important to fix an error when spotted.   I found nothing but errors on my canvases.... 

In that sense... My third painting day with Schmid this week!


Gayle said...

Richard Schmid you say? Wow, me and my Egbert brush are very jealous! What a privilege it must be to hang out with THE Master himself. And in such a beautiful place (I looked up Speyer on the net)- Many many Years ago (1987) I visited Heidelberg as part of a 5-day European tour and thought it was so cool to see art students doing plein air paintings by the Castle - I hadn't done much painting back then, nor had I seen anyone painting on site. I think that may be what inspired me.

Thomas Ruckstuhl said...

Gayle, the title of this post is a silly sad joke.... I have been painting outside all week but very little came out. I stood back, looked at my painting and Richard Schmids words came to my mind. To never leave anything on the canvas that looks wrong, but fix it immidiately. Or it will cause more of wrong... Currently all is wrong with my pleinair approaches and i wiped them. Sorry for the confusion caused.
Heidelberg is a 20 min drive from Speyer....I have been painting outside for three years now, approximately 1000h net. I have never seen anybody else painting, except for friends who joined me!

Anonymous said...

I'm following your amazing journey. Will treasure my "apples on the beach". I'm painting every day, too! My journey has more bumps in the road....

We created an art gallery in our bistro, up one week and two sold.
! I have an area that will show the tiny daily paints....some day I want to show one of your large paintings....someday!

Gayle said...

No apologies needed! That was a great joke cause it worked! I had checked to see if indeed, Mr. Schmid had a workshop in Speyer, but none was listed for May 2016 - so I had a tiny inkling that your article might have a humorous intent - I also wondered why Richard was spending so much time teaching underpaintings. LOL. When I look at your works from day 3 again, I find it even more amusing! Yes, got it: the wipe out stage. but what gorgeous grays just the same. As for the Heidelberg castle sketchers, that was in 1987, and someone in the group told me they were art students -- so may have just been a one-time assignment. However Mr. Egbert and I still are really envious of your magnificent scenery!

Thomas Ruckstuhl said...

Sounds good Anonymous. Let me know about a week before someday ;-)
Best of luck for your bistro gallery!

Thanks Gayle. My humor is hard to understand, sometimes for myself.
Art students, guess you are right! I wonder why they do that occasionally .... But not all the time.