Sunday, November 20, 2016

Entangled Complimentary States

18 cm x 24 cm, Oil


Gayle said...

Here's the first thought I had upon seeing your painting: wouldn't this be great for couple therapy. Imagine only having attached mugs to drink from. LOL! Would be sort of difficult to stay mad at someone if you had to share you coffee in this manner. it would certainly interject some humor in the whole situation. By the way, I love the title!

Thomas Ruckstuhl said...

I see your point... The handle of the mug being the wedding ring causing a distortion of a mugs natural position :-D
My idea about the title was different... Inspired by the fascinating nature of entangled states in quantum physics.
Two small particles can be related when created together... They "feel" each other, to put it simple. Something happening to particle A has instantaneous consequences for particle B, no matter how far the two are apart... Billions of light years apart... Instantaneous, endlessly faster than light speed.
An easy to read link to this entanglement.... It occurs only for small quantum particles and has nothing to do with "love" as we know it, if we know it ;)

Gayle said...

Thanks for the clarification and link, which I followed with great interest. My imagination often supersedes knowledge and facts, but my curiosity propels me to find out more so I'll definitely be reading up on this topic since more and more, I'm sensing (or is it just imagining?) the interconnection of all things.