Saturday, November 5, 2016

Master Palette and Mine

Left: Barry Raybould's palette during a painting   Right: Mine

I have spent the last three weeks in the tuscany with Barry Raybould. What an amazing experience!!! I started painting four years ago and I had never seen a master at work before. Just one of the highlights was a sunset we painted side by side at his studio in the mountains overlooking the landscape... He painted three studies within an hour up to a size of 30 cm x 40 cm, all just breathtaking. I scratched off my small approach...
He spent a lot of time explaining what it takes... It all starts in your head of course.... but also on the palette mixing the paint... Much more paint than i was used to..... The mixes need to flow into the other resulting into a gradual value change of the mixed piles of paint.
Barry said that usually it just takes a look onto the palette to evaluate the painter. The color harmony must be found right there on the palette"
Thank you Barry!!!

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