Friday, September 21, 2018

Colorwheel explained

Look at the small black spot in the yellow disc for 30 sec. Try not moving your eyes from that spot. Then look into the white field nearby. The color you see is the compliment color of same hue as the color on the opposite side of the wheel. Same with the other colors, which pretty much explains the color wheel.

We have 3 different cones in our eyes color sensitive for red, green and blue. Our sensation of color is calculated by the brain from the ratio of theses three signals. „White“ is induced when the three cell types fire their signals at equal intensity. All three cones exhaust (and recover) when exposed to light. For example, exposure to red light exhausts the red cones more than the other two. Looking at white in this exhaust condition causes a reduced ratio of red signaling. From the relatively larger signals of the green and blue receptors the brain calculates a cyanish color, the compliment of red.

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