Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mannheim Railway Station Design Study

"Painted" on the iPad with Artrage App
Link to photo reference

My current learning focus is on design. I have started doing lots of small master studies and in between I try to compose something myself from a photo. Over the coming months I want to create some cityscapes of my region... Mannheim, Ludwigshafen, Heidelberg...
An important thing I have learned from Jeremy Mann is that the reference photo must be less important than i initially thought. I conclude that from looking at his paintings and hundreds of professional photos taken from New York. None of them is even close to any of the cityscapes of Jeremy. Here and there, i did come across some photos of really fantastic design on google. With a closer look they turned out to be paintings of other artists. Great design apparently takes more than just modifying a photo, it is rather a complete reinvention of the scene. 
With this idea at hand i am trying to be less picky on the actual photograph i chose and more picky on the pictures that come up in my mind. I like the design above as it gives me the "feel" of being in Mannheim. Before turning this into a painting it will need more work, in particular on perspective.